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Don't Forget About the Goodest Doggos!

When you have a behaved dog it is so easy to put their mental needs on the back burner! In dog training, I come across many young dogs that basically beg for mental stimulation. They do this by barking, chewing, or becoming obsessed with other destructive activities when their owners are not around. I was amazed when I recently introduced a youngster to the Kong Wobbler and watched his behavior immediately improve! Instead of obsessing with getting out of the room, he was entertained with this puzzle toy which wore him out until he decided to nap.

My dog is now Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected. He has full reign of the house when I am gone and is old enough to behave. Even on days where he did not get the exercise he deserves. After working with many dogs that need productive ways to expel their energy it made me feel somewhat guilty for not getting my own dog these fun mental stimulators. It's so easy for us to remember to give our high energy dogs lots of exercise and toys because without it they tend to become destructive. Dogs that have come through training or are more advanced in years love puzzle toys as well!

So tomorrow, Jyoti and I will be picking up an activity toy for him! Puzzle toys are not only great for occupying young dogs, but they are also wonderful for keeping a dog's mind sharp. Even if your dog does not make it obvious that they need something to do, be sure to provide them with some well-deserved chews or games!

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