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Dog first training. As a trainer, my goal is always to make life better for my clients and their canine companion. I have been training dogs professionally for the past 5 years. I have devoted much time to progressing my craft through continue education. This has allowed me to work with and learn from some of the best trainers in the state. I am passionate about helping people better communicate with their pets. In doing so, the bond between person and canine will grow immensely.

About Me: About Me

Train with Little Light Pet K9

Because Your Home is Not a Zoo

I am a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College, Olympia School for Dogs, and am a Canine Good Citizen evaluator through the AKC. 

I have worked with a large variety of large and small dogs with varying behavioral issues. I am also greatly experienced in teaching advanced obedience. Whether the training is for Behavioral Issues or for Advanced Obedience, my training plans are designed to be simple and progressive. This ensures both owners and dogs have great long-term success.

 My goal as a dog trainer is to eliminate confusion between dog parents and dogs. I strive to help people learn how to communicate with their dog in a way that the dog best understands 

Because of my love for dogs, I will always have their best interest in mind. Every dog is unique just as every owner is. I always get to know the owner and dog and adjust my curriculum accordingly.  I love to watch dogs and owners grow together. I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with anyone seeking to better their relationship with their canine companion!

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